Jamie Garbutt Photography

Some months ago I stumbled across the work of Jamie Garbutt, a  London-based photographer who looks to British subcultures to create beautiful, retro-inspired portraits.

The ‘Mods and Sods’ project appeals to me the most, with it’s well-staged and immaculately-presented subjects. Check out a few photographs featuring classic Mod looks from the collection below.

Garbutt showcases some other projects on his website, including portraits of a suitably suave 1970’s styled man and motor as well as Skinheads on their scooters.

Head over to Jamie Garbutt’s website to see the full range of ‘Mods and Sods’ shots (including women/womenswear) and his other projects.

Thanks to Jamie Garbutt for the images and ModCulture for the heads-up.

Ben Sherman ‘Spirit of Union’ Autumn Winter collection

Although here in the UK, we’re still enjoying a warm summer, fashion brands are, as always, thinking ahead to the next season and prepping their Autumn and Winter collections. The forthcoming line from long established, Mod-based UK brand Ben Sherman looks to the heritage of northern England for inspiration. The mining communities of mid-century Britain and the people who worked in and around them are the theme for this season


The 20th century trade unionists and the artists who documented them are mentioned in the press releases from Ben Sherman, however it looks as if the collection takes some influence from the work of the Ashington Group; a society of artists from Northumberland that were made up of mostly untrained artistic amateurs who painted life and labour in England during the 1930s, 40s and 50s.


Lots of the items in the collection nod to the utilitarian garb that pitmen and their associated traders would have worn in yesteryear. It’s perhaps a bit arrogant to suggest that modern high-end men’s street wear should duplicate the clothing that labourers were wearing 50 years ago whilst prospecting for coal in a northern England mine… Which is why Ben Sherman have elegantly referenced these roots, rather than plagiarising them. I’ve been a fan of the Donkey Jacket (first image in this post) for a long time so its interesting to see somewhat of a re-imagining of this garment from Ben Sherman, with the hope that this will do something to bring the Donkey Jacket back into the mainstream.


Some of the items in the collection include all-over prints, some of which are a little bit wacky for everyday attire; you’d have to be on a peacocking mission to successfully pull these off. The printed patterns used in the garments (depicted below) remind me of paintings by L.S. Lowery, a Lancashire born artist who created images of working life in and around the city of Manchester - so it seems they strike the appropriate tone.


'Spirit of Union' is the moniker for this collection, which seems appropriate as Ben Sherman are keen to highlight that 'the north' was and still is a place of both warmth and community, as well as one of grit and hardship. Themes and ideas like this make up part of our British cultural identity and heritage - values to which Good Clobber is keen to align itself.


No prices are listed in the press materials for this collection but you can check out the Ben Sherman website for loads of information on the collection right here.

When I’ve got a little more time to commit, I’m keen to look into the art of northern England; The Pitman Painters, The Ashington Group and the work of LS Lowery. It feels like Ben Sherman are doing something original here, or at least hinting at something that I’ve not seen referenced in menswear before. Watch this space!

Thanks to Ben Sherman for the images.

Andy Murray’s Adidas track top

On Sunday 7th of July 2013, Andy Murray won the Wimbledon men’s single Championships. As this is the oldest (and arguably the most prestigious) tennis tournament in the world, this is a big deal for the UK.


I’ve covered Andy Murray’s success and relationship to Fred Perry in a previous post but today, a little less than a week after Murray’s history-making performance, I wanted to make mention of a particular piece of his apparel… 


Some of the hype around Murray’s final was created by the interesting documentary on BBC One called ‘Andy Murray: The Man Behind the Racquet’ which was broadcast before the big match. I caught the documentary when it was repeated on the Monday after the final and it included a new closing section where Murray ruminated on his win and chatted to the press about the success. Check out the still from the show above, note Murray’s grey Adidas track top. Nice.


As the documentary was airing on Monday night, I noticed a mention on Facebook from the online retailer 80’s Casual Classics, purveyor of fine 80s inspired Casual Clobber.


80s Casual Classics pointed us towards the Adidas Court Superstar Track Top in Legend Ink Navy Marl. Check it out in the pictures below. It’s a real beauty.


Ivan Lendl is a former no. 1 tennis professional and Andy Murray’s current coach. The Adidas track top featured in this post is somewhat of a nod to Ivan Lendl’s signature Adidas apparel of yesteryear.


It’s a smart top and Murray makes it look good. Wouldn’t mind picking up this one myself.

You can find the Adidas Court Superstar Track Top in Legend Ink Navy Marl at 80s Casual Classics for £55.00. Not super cheap by any means but maybe worth splashing out on as a treat.

Thanks to The Daily Mail online, The BBC and 80s Casual Classics for the images.

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