Weekday - WTWTFSS

You may be familiar with Cheap Monday - the denim brand who make skinny jeans you can find in highstreet retailers such as Topman. The Cheap Monday people also run Swedish-based label MTWTFSS WEEKDAY.

WEEKDAY keep their designs nice and simple - check out some of the nice pieces I picked out below.

With a ethical code of conduct and some really nice looks, I hope to see more from WEEKDAY. At the moment they only have prices in Euroes and there aren’t any stores in the UK, although the prices seem very reasonable.

Check out the MTWTFSS WEEKDAY website here.

Thanks to WEEKDAY for the images.

New Balance on the street

I’ve always felt that New Balance shoes are a bit hit an miss. They make great shoes, but every now and then I’ll see a pair that look very difficult to pull off. Maybe it’s the way you wear them. Anyhow, NB are running a ‘street gallery’ - pictures of real people wearing their products. These pictures are great and make the shoes look brilliant.

If you want to submit your own pic of you in a pair of NB’s, you can emaillifestyle@newbalance.de

Check out the New Balance UK store here.

Thanks to New Balance, and all the people who submitted these images.

Aertex Clobber video with The Hearthbreaks

Men’s label Aertex was founded way back in 1888 and has had a prosperous life span. They’ve kitted out Pele, George Best and the England 66 World Cup team and today are turning out some really good clobber.

Aertex have teamed up with Manchester based band The Heartbreaks to show off their forethcoming range. Check out the video below.

I particularly like the red polo; must be popular, because it’s sold out!

Check out the Aertex website for all their gear. And if you’d like to hear more on The Heartbreaks, check out their Myspace.

Thanks to Mod Culture for the heads up and Aertex for the video.

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