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This is part two of a trio of reviews for the online mensware retailer, Stand-Out. If you’d like to check out part one, in which I review a Baracuta shirt, you can find it here. In this review I take a look at a Soft Cobalt Newton Lightweight Jacket from Voi Jeans.

There’s a couple of points that I’d like to make before getting into this review. Firstly, I like Good Clobber to be as positive as possible. There are plenty of bitchy, negative blogs in the fashion world and why add to the negativity? I can’t see that as a productive purpose. Secondly, I chose the three items that are being reviewed, so therefore the reviews are likely to be mostly positive - why choose something that’s going to make a bad review? With that said, I think it’s important to point out that I’ve genuinely put these three pieces of clothing through their paces - I’ve actually worn them in the situations that they were designed for and thus, the pros and cons pointed out are true to life, at least in my experience.

So then, on with the review of this lightweight jacket from Voi Jeans.

First up (and you’ll have noticed this from the pictures) this jacket is very bright! It’s a lovely, striking cobalt blue, almost electric blue. You may consider this as good, or bad, depending on your taste, but I think it’s good to stand out, especially if you can pull it off. I can imagine that this coat would be popular with cyclists who are looking for something high-vis to keep them safe on the road. I believe the jacket also comes in red, which is equally eye-catching.

Possibly my favorite point about this jacket is it’s cut: It fits really nicely. I generally take a medium, but this is a small and fits fine. Rain macs generally aren’t merited on their ‘smartness’ but I think this jacket is sleek and sharp.

I don’t know a great deal about Voi Jeans. A browse of their website tells me that ‘Voi’ is Italian for ‘You’ and their slogan is ‘engineered for you’. Something which I think might effect the perception of Voi Jeans is their logo. Take a look in the image below. On first viewing the logo a couple of friends thought it was Evisu and from a distance it could be the Lyle & Scott logo. Not sure when Voi settled on this logo (it may have been ages ago) but it is very similar to some big name brands.

To really test this jacket, I took it away on a camping weekend to Latitude festival, where I knew it was going to rain a lot. And it did. This jacket is fine in a light shower but in anything heavy it really doesn’t succeed with keeping the water out. Despite being made of 100% nylon, it only repelled a heavy shower for about five minuets. As soon as it was saturated, water seeped through the material. The hood is also a bit measly, it looks lovely and is detachable if you want to go without it, but it’s not very long, so doesn’t really keep the rain out of your eyes.

On the plus side, the jacket is very light weight, which means it dries out very, very quickly and is easily packable. If you do get drenched in a shower, you can quickly dry off. I wore it most of the time over a shirt and t-shirt. This worked well as all three layers would dry off after a shower very quickly. In the evenings, when it got a bit cooler, I wore my Harrington Jacket underneath; which was also effective as the extra layer kept me warm and dry. This jacket alone is not warm - but then again, it is described as ‘lightweight’.

One of this jacket’s best features is it’s numerous pockets. There’s four pockets around the hip, two with zips to keep all your precious bits in and two breast pockets; one with a popper to secure it. This is great for carrying loads of stuff around at a festival - the zips and poppers might stop you from getting pick-pocketed.

After the festival this jacket was splattered in mud. I had a go with a toothbrush to try and clean it up but to little avail. I was a bit nervous about putting it through the wash too, as it’s totally synthetic. However I was totally wrong, it washes really well at 30 degrees and came out almost as good as new.

All in all, this is a very good festival jacket: very versatile, well fitting and loads of useful pockets. It won’t help you in a major downfall, but it also won’t weigh you down.

have this jacket on offer now (in August) for only £28.00, but I believe it can retail for around £50. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal - you can find it here.

Thanks to Voi and Stand-Out. Stay tuned for part three of these reviews and feel free to check out part one here.

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