Dunlop Retro - now in Topman

A little while back, Good Clobber gave you a little preview of the new vintage-inspired range from Dunlop’s heritage brand; Dunlop Retro. The affordable price of this line was a  very pleasing factor and now it’s very easy to get your hands on some of the clothing: Dunlop Retro is available in the one of the nation’s most prevalent menswear retailers - Topman.

Here’s a few items that I’ve picked from the Topman Website - head over there to see more.

Red Contrast Polo - £30.00

White Chest Stripe Short Sleeve Polo - £30.00

Navy Blue Shoulder Knit - £45.00

Blue Baseball Cardi - £55.00

Grey Hula Tee - £22.00

Blue Nylon Jacket - £60.00

Thanks to Dunlop Retro and Topman for the images.

Fred Perry on the cheap

Fred Perry is a classic brand that many subcultures, including The Mods and the Skinheads have taken on to become part of their identity. It’s perhaps because of this rich heritage and a reputation for good quality, that Fred Perry charge a lot for their products. Fred Perry is not cheap, but if you keep your ear to the ground, every now and then a good ‘Perry deal pops it’s head up…

This week sees the launch of Fred Perry’s mid-season sale; in which you may well be able to find yourself a nice ‘Perry item without making too big a whole in your pocket. I’ve picked out a few nice items below but feel free to check out all that they have in the mid-season sale here. This sale ends on Sunday 23rd October 2011.

With the sale now on, it also seems like a good time to flag up Fred Perry’s discount site, Fred’s Threads, in which end-of-line items and some of their more niche ranges are sold off at a reduced price. Again, I’ve picked a few pieces which look good, but won’t cost the earth. Head over to Fred’s Threads to see what’s on offer for less.

Mid-Season Sale

Reverse Tipped Shirt

£55.00 now £38.50

Chambray Shirt

£75.00 now £52.50

Button Down Shirt

£65.00 now £45.50

Flight Bag

£55.00 now £35.00

Crew Neck Sweat

£70.00 now £49.00

Bizarrely, this sweat shirt is even cheaper at the discount site, for only £38.50 at Fred’s Threads

Argyle Knitted Shirt

£70.00 now £45.50

Funnel Neck Cardigan

£110.00 now £77.00

Performance Polo Shirt

£45.00 now £31.50

100 Year V Neck Sweater

£95.00 now £65.50

Thanks to Fred Perry for the images.

Dunlop Retro / Dunlop Green Flash

At school, during the early noughties, everybody seemed to be wearing Dunlop Green Flash trainers. Essentially a tennis plimsoll, these shoes have come to represent an interesting period of fashion for me: Kids stopped dressing in sports brands and moved towards retro gear.

It’s for this reason that Good Clobber is pleased that Dunlop are grabbing some attention with a new line called Dunlop Retro, part of which includes a range of Green Flash items.

Dunlop Retro…

September sees the launch of these new items and ‘retro’ is the right name for it; Dunlop has some respectable heritage. The Hawaiian Hula t-shirt uses the graphic from an original 70’s Dunlop t-shirt and the colours for the rest of the collection have been lifted from this design.

Importantly, the range is put together with youth in mind; the prices are reasonable, for those of us without fat wallets.

Dunlop Green Flash

The Green Flash line has an equally ‘vintage’ backstory.  Dunlop can truly claim to be one of Britain’s sports heritage brands; with distinguished sporting associations and iconic designs that date back to 1925.

Check out the embroidered logo on the chest, it’s a miniature Green Flash shoe.

The line will also include track jackets, which can be seen on-rail at the Margin London trade show.

Just like the Retro range, the Green Flash products are reasonably priced, starting at £20. Due to hit stores in September - when we’ve got more info we’ll let you know and hopefully post up some links too.

I’m also hoping to do a review of a Green Flash item and I believe there’s an intriguing story behind vulcanized rubber and John Dunlop that needs to be told on Good Clobber.

Thanks to Dunlop / Dunlop Retro for the images

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